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Cabins and appartments for rent

Vrådal Booking
Phone: +47 35 06 90 00
Fax: +47 35 06 90 01
Email: bookingSPAMFILTER@vraadalbooking.com (Remove SPAMFILTER from the address)
Web: Vrådal Booking AS

Kviteseidvegen 1698
N - 3853 Vrådal


Longitude: 8.495715 -
Latitude: 59.324783

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Vrådal Booking - cabins at the Ski center

Vrådal Chalet park

- by Vrådal centre

Vrådal Booking

Cabins by the ski centre

Vrådal Booking has cabins and apartments for rent both by the Vrådal Panorama Ski Centre, by Vrådal Golf and in the center of Vrådal.

The units differ in size and  contents bur they all have a minimum sandrad of the following: dishwasher, fridge, stove, coffie maker, TV and minimum 1 bathroom. All units have duvets and pillows for the amount of persons registered, but bedlinen must be breought by the guests og can be rentes from Vrådal Booking.

Check-in and -out takes place at the Quality Straand Hotel & Resort in Vrådal.

Vrådal Booking

Golf Putting at Vrådal Panorama Ski Centre

Skate park by the Vrådal Panorama Ski center

The gondola at Vrådal Panorama Ski center

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