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Silversmith workshop and outlet in Vrådal

    Silversmith "Sølvsmedtunet"
    Phone: + 47 35 04 72 33
    Email: astriSPAMFILTER@postgull.no (Remove SPAMFILTER from the address)
    Web: www.solvsmedtunet.no

    Kviteseidvegen 1684 E
    3853 Vrådal


    Longitude: 8.495178 -
    Latitude: 59.325746

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    In addition to jewellery, suvenirs, handicraft and art ids for sale here. There is also a Christmas loft - open all year!

    specially made post card which are stamped and sent out before Christmas.

    Vi har eget sølvsmedverksted hvor det lages søljer til Telemarksbunadene.

    Our closest neighbour is Quality Straand Hotel & Resort alonside road number 41.

    Silversmith "Sølvsmedtunet"

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